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Whether you're donating dollars, time, or mileage, we make it easy to track your giving, quantify your charitable impact, and meet your charitable goals.


Nonprofits allow donors to donate, favorite, and digitally connect to their organization, thus adding valuable resources to their mission.

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Why Join TrackMyGiving ?

Donate Easily and Quickly

Make one-time and recurring donation to any charity with one login.

Mark Charities as Favorite

Follow your favorite charities and see if they are accomplishing their goals.

Store Your Donation Receipts

Forward email receipts or upload the receipts directly into your TrackMyGiving account.

Track Your Volunteer Hours

Record volunteer hours in your TrackMyGiving account and share with the charity.

Donor Accounts are Free!

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Why Join TrackMyGiving ?

Receive Donations Online

Receive one-time and recurring donations directly from donors through credit / debit cards.

Custom Causes and Emails

Create custom causes, receipts, and custom automated thank you emails.

Save with Low Processing Fees

We offer low fees of only 3.2% + 30¢ per transaction for credit / debit cards.

Capture Volunteer Hours

We enable donors to record volunteer hours to your organization for you to view.

Tracking Volunteering is Free!


Frequently Asked Questions

Donor AccountNonprofit AccountOnline Donations
What is the cost for a TrackMyGiving account?
Zero! TrackMyGiving does not charge for any account type. Our goal is to make simplify the giving process. it easier for you to donate and track your giving.
Receipts are automated for online donations through TrackMyGiving, but can a nonprofit send a donation receipt to my account for an offline donation?
Yes. The nonprofit can record a receipt directly to your account. We will notify you with an email that they have done so.
I received an email receipt from a charity, can I store that receipt in my TrackMyGiving account?
Yes. Forward your email receipt to THEN, cc your TrackMyGiving email ID you wish the receipt to be stored.
I received a paper receipt from a charity, can I store that receipt in my TrackMyGiving account?
Yes, login to your account and select Manage Donations then select Record a Donation. After you complete the information you can upload your paper receipt.
Does TrackMyGiving sell my information?
No. TrackMyGiving guarantees that we will not sell, lease or otherwise provide your personal information to anyone outside TrackMyGiving or the nonprofits you have designated. TrackMyGiving cannot guarantee the policies of the nonprofits listed on our site. Also, nonprofits are only able to view the donations you make to their organization. Nonprofits cannot see how much you give to other nonprofits. Please read our Privacy & Security Statement for more details.
What is the cost for a Nonprofit Account?
Zero. When you sign-up for a free nonprofit account, your organization will be listed and searchable on TrackMyGiving. Include your website in your profile so donors can navigate to your website to learn more about your organization.
Is there software to download and save on our computer(s)?
No. TrackMyGiving is a web-based solution so you don’t have to worry about downloading software and maintaining it on your computer. Once you create an account, simply login anytime you wish to use the site.
Can we include our website address and upload our logo on TrackMyGiving?
Yes. Include all your organization's information under your Profile.
How can donors give to our organization through TrackMyGiving?
In the upper right corner under your name, click “Payment Information”. Complete and submit this section. Once your account is approved, we will notfiy you. The total process is very simple and approval should only take approximately two to three days. Contact one of our service representatives at 314-403-2374 if you have questions.
What are the fees to process online donations?
TrackMyGiving does NOT charge setup, monthly, annual, or other fees for donor or nonprofit accounts. We only collect a fee to process online donations. Here are the fees assessed: - Credit/Debit card: 3.50% + $.30/transaction - ACH (eCheck): 1.80% (capped at $15 per transaction).
How long will it take for donations to be deposited in our account?
Stripe will process donations and deposit the funds directly to your organization’s financial account. Credit/debit card donations typically take 24 to 48 hours to be deposited.
Can TrackMyGiving process donations for our organization’s website?
Yes. Once your account is established, go to your Profile and click on the link “Donations Detail” tab. You will see the “Donate Now link”. There we explain how easy it is to include a free Donate Now link on your website.
If a donor presents a credit card in person, can we use TrackMyGiving to process a donation?
Yes. After logging into your account, choose the “Process a Donation” tab. If the donor does not want a TrackMyGiving account, you can still process the transaction and print a paper receipt for their records.
Will we receive donor information so we can thank donors?
Yes. We email you each time a donor makes a donation. You can also access reports by logging into your TrackMyGiving account.
Can we post a receipt to a donor’s account for an offline donation?
Yes. For donors registered on TrackMyGiving, you can send a receipt to their account for an offline donation. For first-time donors, you must obtain their TrackMyGiving account number to post the receipt. If your organization processes online donations with TrackMyGiving, we will automatically handle the receipting for those donations.
Does TrackMyGiving provide donation reports to view online?
Yes. Simply login to your account and click on the Reports tab.
Are all donations on TrackMyGiving tax-deductible?
All nonprofits listed on TrackMyGiving must provide an IRS tax-exempt status letter. However, we do not guarantee the deductibility of all donations to the organizations listed. We include the contact information for each organization and their website (if provided) so you can contact them and confirm their charitable status as well. You can also check with the IRS at or call 1-877-829-5500.
What are my payment choices?
We accept Visa, MasterCard Discover, and ACH but we may add payment methods in the future. Please send us your feedback at
Is there a minimum donation amount?
TrackMyGiving accepts donations of $10 or more.
Will my online donation be secure?
Yes. TrackMyGiving utilizes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which is a recognized authentication and encryption software. Essentially, the site becomes hidden or locked while you input your personal and financial information (credit card, etc.). So your information is “encrypted” and unreadable by anyone outside the transaction process. For additional information, please view our Privacy & Security Statement.
Does TrackMyGiving store my credit card information?
No. We do not store any financial information.

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